Verdicts and Settlements

Here is just a small sampling of results that we have achieved for our valued clients. Although this is no guarantee of similar success in your case, you can feel confident that we will work hard to get the best result possible for you. Contact the Law Offices of Thomas C. Chase today to learn more about our services and to discuss your personal injury case.

Gianfortune: $400,000.00 Post suit pre-trial settlement for auto accident involving shoulder surgery, plastic surgery to ear.

Estate of Anderson: $275,000 Post suit pre-trial settlement re auto accident. Recovered both bodily injury and u.m. limits.

Lytle: $300,000.00. Post suit pre-trial settlement.

pane bianco: $225,000.00 for Post suit pre-trial settlement auto accident;

Clinch: $200,000 for truck accident, neck injuries. Best offer prior to case being referred to our office, $40,000.00.

Davenport: $200,000.00 Post suit pre-trial settlement for fall at local amusement park. Broken elbow.

Hit by cart at Walmart, Fort Myers woman gets $421,400

Dektas v. Pest Control: Lee County, Florida: Auto accident, fractured pelvis, closed head injury, hip replacement. Settlement of $1,625,000.00.

Cotton V. American States Ins.: Insurance coverage Issue: Settlement of $420,000.00.

Duncan v. Campbell: Shooting at residence: Settlement for $100,000.00 after denial of Motion for Summary Judgment.

McClendon v. McIntyre: Shooting by landlord. Settlement for total of $650,000.00 for two plaintiffs at mediation.

Baer v. U.Save: Verdict of $50,000.00 re: fall at grocery store. 100% liability on store. Post-trial award of $15,000.00 for deceptive answers to two requests for admissions.

Dicks v. National Republican Senatorial Committee: Settlement of $100,000.00 for defamation of a public figure; also an attorney fee award of $10,000.00 as a sanction for failure to provide discovery.