Wrongful Death Attorney in Fort Myers

Fort Myers, Florida, Fatal Injury Lawyer

Money does not buy love or happiness and it cannot replace the loss of a loved one. However, when a loved one is lost in a tragic accident, it is money that is sought in a wrongful death lawsuit. Respected Fort Myers attorney Thomas C. Chase helps the families of fatal accident victims grapple with the concept of pursuing compensation for their loss. He helps them understand what the law offers and what they are entitled to when negligence leads to the wrongful death of a family member. In addition, he presents clear facts grounded in solid medicine, science and an educated interpretation of the law to an insurance adjuster or jury on why his clients are entitled to the money that is being requested.

Attorney Tom Chase has represented the families of numerous wrongful death victims in Florida over the past three decades. If any form of negligence is clear or suspected in your recent loss of a loved one, please contact Tom Chase who will lead a strong effort to gain justice and rightful compensation for you and your family.

Building Your Wrongful Death Case and Aiding Emotional Recovery

Tom Chase is dedicated to helping the families of wrongful death victims and all types of personal injury win compensation that can help them move on from the tragedy. You can be certain that Tom will put your best interests and emotional needs first. He has connections with grief therapists and other professional counselors who can help heal your emotional wounds as he devotes all available legal resources to building your case.

Our experienced staff and trusted outside investigators will move with efficiency and determination to establish the facts of any accident or other tragic event resulting in a fatality, including:

Resolving Your Wrongful Death Case in Your Best Interest

Some wrongful death cases can be settled through negotiation or mediation. In other cases, your lawyer’s approach — including the willingness to fight for you at trial — is essential to getting the compensation you need and deserve. Many circumstances of the fatal event, as well as a range of personal factors, can influence the amount of damages you may be able to recover for:

  • Funeral expenses and any medical bills incurred
  • Loss of projected future income
  • Psychological counseling and other services necessary for family members
  • Pain and suffering, loss of companionship or other types of loss due to the wrongful death of your loved one

Consult With a Caring, Knowledgeable Attorney in Fort Myers

Tom Chase does not operate a high-pressure law practice. We want you to make the choice that is right for you, and Tom will devote the time necessary to fully understand your wrongful death case and explain his intended approach. He also understands that you are dealing with enough without having to deal with insurance adjusters and multiple lawyers. If you choose our law firm, you will work with only one attorney throughout your case — Tom Chase himself. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your loss, and we will patiently explain what may be involved in obtaining wrongful death compensation. You will pay attorney’s fees only if you succeed in obtaining a favorable settlement or verdict.