Fort Myers, Florida, Lawyer Representing Shooting Victims

Whether a shooting is accidental or intentional, the consequences of gun violence are usually serious. Not all personal injury attorneys will take on your case as a victim of a shooting injury due to factors such as the complexity of our laws, the visibility of such cases, and the difficulty of establishing liability for an insurance claim or lawsuit.

If you or a loved one has suffered a shooting injury and you believe you may have the right to recover compensation, contact experienced attorney Thomas C. Chase for a free case evaluation.

Pursuing Compensation for Your Accidental Shooting Injury

Attorney Tom Chase brings his extensive legal and investigatory experience to bear on any personal injury or wrongful death case involving an accidental shooting. Proving responsibility and negligence in such shooting injury cases can require specialized resources. For challenging cases, we have access to quality ballistics experts, crime scene investigators and specialists in complex accident reconstruction.

Building the Victim’s Case in the Age of “Stand Your Ground”

In 2005, the state of Florida enacted a statute allowing the use of deadly force — often in the form of a handgun or other firearm — when necessary to prevent certain felony crimes. Although a primary intent of this law was to empower responsible citizens to protect their property and other people, certain situations can result in shooters claiming protection under this law rather than acknowledging negligence.

Tom Chase has the experience and insight necessary to build a strong case for you, even when a careless or overly aggressive gun owner claims to have been legally standing his or her ground. By investigating the background of the shooter, the shooter’s knowledge of firearms and other factors, Tom can effectively address motivation for an intentional shooting in a way that favors his clients’ right to compensation.

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Experienced Florida attorney Thomas C. Chase is available to listen to your story and evaluate the likelihood of recovering damages for your shooting injury. For energetic advocacy of your rights after a shooting, contact us now. We gladly accommodate clients speaking Spanish, Creole, French, German or other languages.