Rollovers & Head-On Collisions

Fort Myers Attorney for Serious Car Accident Claims

Two of the most serious types of car accidents involve rollovers — occurring before or after impact — and head-on collisions. You may be seriously injured, even without obvious cuts or broken bones. If you or a loved one has been involved in a rollover accident or head-on crash, you should seek proper medical attention and contact an experienced personal injury lawyer right away.

Tom will evaluate your case for no charge. He understands how important it is to get an early and thorough examination, as well as proper follow-up treatment. Do not make the mistake of ignoring symptoms, or settling on your own, and then finding out that your injuries are far more serious than you ever suspected.

Debilitating Injuries in a Rollover or Head-On Crash

Forces generated by head-on collisions or rollovers are far beyond what the human body was designed to take. Subtle injuries like brain damage or soft tissue injuries can occur that can be difficult to immediately recognize or diagnose. These injuries are very real and can be documented with a thorough medical examination. Therefore, if you have not been to the doctor after such a serious crash, seek medical attention immediately.

Using Conservative and Principled Experts to Build Your Case

Attorney Thomas C. Chase has been practicing law in the Lee County area for nearly 30 years. He has diverse experience handling such complex personal injury cases — from the defense side as he defended the state of Florida in auto accident claims, from the mediation side as he served as one of the first ten mediators certified by the Florida Supreme Court, and from the plaintiff’s side as he represented accident victims and their families in pursuing justice. This experience gives him a comprehensive understanding of how successful cases are handled and how to effectively get to the heart of his clients’ personal injury cases.

Our law office works with leading, reputable medical professionals and experts to quantify and understand the extent of your injuries caused by a rollover accident or head-on collision. We only work with highly-principled medical professionals to explain the effects the accident had on your body. When the soft tissues of the brain or spinal cord endure trauma, we want to ensure the insurance company or jury has a clear picture of the effects the brain injuries or spinal cord injuries will have on your future and the medical expenses and other related expenses you can be expected to endure.

Tom Chase handles serious accident injuries and wrongful death claims arising from:

  • Fatal accidents
  • Front-end collisions/head-on collisions
  • Semi jack-knife accidents
  • SUV rollovers
  • Single vehicle crash rollovers
  • Fatal accidents
  • T-bone accidents

If you or a loved one has been involved in a traumatic accident involving a rollover or head-on crash in Florida, trust in an attorney who has been trusted by Lee County for nearly 30 years. Contact Thomas C. Chase for a free consultation and case evaluation.