Drunk Driving Accidents

Southwest Florida Attorney Representing Victims of Drunken Drivers

In Florida and across the nation, DUI/DWI laws have been strengthened and enforcement has intensified in recent years. However, impaired and intoxicated drivers still cause a large number of accidents on our roadways, resulting in fatalities and serious injuries to many innocent victims. If you or a family member has been injured or killed in a drunk driving accident, please contact Thomas C. Chase to discuss your options for recovering financial compensation.

In his decades of successful personal injury work, Tom Chase has handled the full range of motor vehicle cases including many drunk driving accidents. His approach is highly attentive to the needs of injured adults, children and their families.

Fighting to Obtain Maximum Compensation From All Sources

In any car accident or other personal injury case, lawyer Tom Chase is dedicated to pursuing every possible means of obtaining compensation for you. In a drunk driving accident, because of its criminal law component, sources of compensation may include:

  • Your own insurance company as well as the offending driver’s
  • A bar or restaurant that violated the law by over-serving the driver whose negligence caused your accident
  • The driver who can be shown to be liable for the crash, if that driver has substantial assets

Your Attorney Will Help You Deal Wisely With Insurance and Authorities

It is essential to speak with a qualified personal injury attorney before discussing any insurance settlement or making statements about the full extent of your injuries. After a drunk driving accident, do not agree to any plea bargain for the offending driver if you are asked to do so. A conviction on the most substantial charges, along with any evidence presented at a criminal trial for those offenses, may be critical factors in maximizing the money you are able to recover.

Our law firm is committed to thoroughly evaluating and investigating your accident involving a drunk driver, calling on a network of scientific and medical experts when necessary to strengthen your case. When Tom Chase represents you in a drunken driving accident case, he will devote all necessary resources to prove liability and to substantiate all your injuries to obtain the greatest reasonable financial recovery.

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