Car Accident Attorney in Ft. Myers

Fort Myers, Florida, Attorney for Car Accident Victims

As a veteran of many car accident injury cases, attorney Tom Chase has the thorough knowledge of insurance and personal injury laws that is essential to recovering financial damages for you. The capable staff at our personal injury law firm applies extensive experience investigating automobile accidents of all types.

Let a Qualified Personal Injury Lawyer Work and Negotiate for You

We are committed to pursuing all paths for helping automobile accident victims obtain a meaningful monetary recovery for serious and catastrophic injuries. Before you talk about settlement with any insurance company, please contact us to discuss your car accident and the possibility of recovering financial damages in a personal injury action.

In a car accident case, substantiating your claim and negotiating recovery for damages can be challenging. Tom Chase and his staff move quickly into full investigation mode in order to preserve and record any evidence that may establish another driver’s negligence and strengthen your case for a sizable financial recovery. Tom has represented a number of law enforcement officers, who are often put in harm’s way and exposed to high-risk situations. Tom understands the special needs of members of our law enforcement community.

A significant factor in any injury-causing accident can be the involvement of uninsured or underinsured motorists. Your own coverage can be the only major source of recovery when an uninsured motorist is involved. We encourage all drivers to maximize their uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage — as important protection, before you need it. This is one of numerous important insurance tips we share with our clients. You can also visit our Motor Vehicle Accident Information Center for answers to your basic questions.

Certainly, the more serious and disabling the injuries in your case, the more experienced personal injury representation can become essential to maximizing your recovery. Although assigning financial values to serious physical injuries is difficult, we apply all our resources in the effort to maximize your settlement or verdict.

We Welcome Clients of All Nationalities and Ethnicities. Translators are readily retained when needed.

Contact us today for a free consultation on the potential for recovering damages in your car accident or other personal injury case. If you communicate better in Spanish, Creole, French, German or another language, simply call us at 239-645-4293 or 877-736-2472. We will gladly call in a translator to help us discuss your car accident or other personal injury case.