Truck Accidents

Fort Myers Area Truck Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in a semi wreck, an accident involving a commercial delivery vehicle or even a light truck crash, your injuries may require costly treatment and have many other serious consequences. Even if there are not broken bones, medical attention should be sought immediately. Some of the most devastating brain injuries are not apparent immediately after a truck accident. However, with thorough medical examination, physicians can determine if further testing or follow up should be considered after the truck accident.

At the Law Offices of Thomas C. Chase, P.A., we have successfully represented victims of tragically serious injuries and even fatal accidents. We handle personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits arising from a wide range of truck and commercial vehicle accidents in Florida. Contact experienced attorney Tom Chase to discuss your potential personal injury case and the details of your trucking accident.

Understanding Trucking Accidents

Commercial truck drivers have challenging jobs. Even a perfectly-maintained big rig, semi truck or 18-wheeler can be difficult to safely operate. Truckers are often victims of other drivers' negligence. In other cases, all drivers are put in danger by inadequate maintenance and other safety issues, such as:

  • Hurried or otherwise shoddy repairs made on large commercial trucks
  • Inadequate or bald tires that are susceptible to blowouts and can limit a big rig's ability to stop or steer properly
  • Dangerous equipment such as unsecured dump truck beds
  • Truck drivers with histories of moving violations, multiple truck driver accidents or other issues that indicate negligence

Knowing what to look for at an accident scene is vitally important. We work with trusted experts in accident reconstruction, as well as qualified, experienced and ethical medical experts to establish the strongest possible case for you. We are diligent in collecting witness testimony, video depositions and other evidence to strengthen your position in insurance negotiations or, when necessary, at a trial to resolve your valid personal injury lawsuit.

We Represent Victims of Catastrophic Truck Accidents

When a truck accident involves the weight of a tractor-trailer or other extremely large vehicle, crash injuries can be especially devastating. Such high-impact crashes can result in wrongful death or serious, disabling injuries such as:

  • Traumatic brain or head injuries resulting in lost earning capacity
  • Back injuries requiring surgery and sometimes lifelong recovery challenges
  • Loss of use of limbs and other catastrophic injuries that severely impact the victim's work and earning capabilities
  • Spinal cord injuries, including those resulting in paralysis
  • Fractures and other serious joint injuries

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