Fee Schedule

When you are in the process of seeking an attorney, it's not always clear what fees you will be responsible for. Thomas C. Chase believes in communicating this information up front so you can make an informed decision. At every stage of a case, there are financial risks that a client may choose or choose not to accept based on the case details. When you work with Thomas C. Chase, there are never any financial surprises. Each client makes the choice that is appropriate to his or her situation. Thomas C. Chase offers competitive legal fees and services.

Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases always begin with a free initial consultation. During the consultation, you and Tom will discuss the particulars of your case, and he will offer an honest assessment of your case. If you decide to proceed with the case, Tom accepts fees on a contingency basis. This means that Tom won't accept a fee unless he is successful with your case.

The usual fee is one third of the total recovery of your case, in addition to out of pocket expenses if the case is settled out of court. When the case does not settle prior to filing a formal law suit, the fee assessed is 40% of the total recovery of your case, in addition to out of pocket expenses. Before a case proceeds to trial, Tom reviews the case with the client, enabling them to make an informed decision every step of the way.

General Litigation, Mediation and Insurance Cases

Costs vary but the firm's philosophy does not. Tom ensures each client is always aware of the financial risks of their legal action.

Free Initial Consultation

If you need legal representation in Fort Myers, Lee County or surrounding area, contact us online or call 239-645-4293. Personal injury cases receive a free initial consultation.