Experienced Fort Myers Personal Injury Lawyer

Fort Myers, Florida, Accident Attorney

First comes pain and shock. Then confusion fogs your mind after a car accident or other serious personal injury. An attorney you can speak with, face-to-face, and on a regular basis, can be absolutely critical to your financial and overall future well-being.

Tom Chase is the Only Lawyer You Will Deal With at Our Firm

When you contact the Law Offices of Thomas C. Chase in Fort Myers, you will reach a lawyer who will treat your personal injury case with sensitivity and determination from the outset. You will meet the lawyer who you will be working with throughout the entire case. Tom is committed to hearing you out, listening to what happened and evaluating all possible means of recovery. His many years of experience and dedication to one-on-one communication about your personal injury allow him to help you make solid legal decisions.

Investigating and Building Your Personal Injury Case

In the days before computers, Tom Chase learned to relentlessly research through law books as he prepared a case. In fact, he won some of his first personal injury jury trials, in the historic Lee County Courthouse, after doing meticulous research the old-fashioned way. While he now relies primarily upon technological advancements, he still uses "old school" research techniques to enhance the focus on the nuts and bolts of the case.

In personal injury cases, Tom will work directly with you to pursue a financial recovery that will help you:

  • Pay medical bills and other related health care expenses
  • Recover lost wages and compensation for reduced future earning capacity
  • Recover compensation for pain and suffering or other adverse consequences of the opposing party's negligence

As an avid outdoor enthusiast, Tom is accustomed to pursuing and achieving goals. In his personal injury practice, he gets to the heart of the matter and strives to help injured people get what they deserve. He can help you deal with the anxiety that is common in working with these issues.

Tom Chase spent more than 10 years defending the State of Florida against auto and truck accident claims. His diverse experience has given him familiarity with how cases are defended as well as how they should be prepared for a Plaintiff. He has respect for the insurance companies as well as the jurors who will hear your case, but refuses to be intimidated by them. He is committed to ensuring that all of the facts are presented in the best possible way to convey the truth of the accident and the extent of your injuries.

Beware the "Quick Settlement." Don't Settle Your Claims Before Consulting Tom Chase

Perhaps the most common and regrettable mistake people make after suffering a serious personal injury — or losing a loved one in a case of wrongful death — is accepting a quick insurance settlement. Insurance carriers often make "quick offers to settle," motivated by the knowledge that you are vulnerable, overwhelmed, confused and many times under the influence of prescription pain killers your doctors have provided. They know that an attorney will likely recover more than you would be able to negotiate on your own. As one of the first ten Supreme Court Certified mediators, Tom strives to make your case understandable to all involved in the process.

Capable Second Opinions

If something does not seem right with the evaluation of your case or the amount of personal service you are receiving from another lawyer, feel free to discuss your case with Tom Chase in a free consultation and case evaluation. It will cost you nothing to seek his professional, experienced opinion about your personal injury case.

Here to Guide and Protect

Tom is quick to reveal the hidden costs and risks inherent in pursuit of a personal injury claim. Experienced lawyer Thomas C. Chase receives a fee only if you recover damages in your personal injury case. Contact our law offices today for a free initial consultation and a straightforward, informed, evaluation of your options. Many claimants initially express unrealistic expectations from a case, perhaps influenced by television or media reports. It is important to have a very frank and realistic view of your case's value.